Weekend Reading: A/B Testing Is Hard, To Pivot Or Not, And More

Each week, I read dozens of blogs, countless articles from my Twitter stream, and one or two books. In Weekend Reading, I highlight the best, as it applies to developing great products.

A Personal Approach To Organizational Time Management
by Peter Bregman

“choosing what we are going to ignore may well represent the most important, most strategic time-management decision of all.”

I used to be a perfectionist. I wanted to do it all and I wanted it to be perfect. I’m glad I learned early in my career that that was impossible. Recognizing that I’ll never get it all done, has served me well, as it’s allowed me to ask myself what’s the most important thing I should be doing right now and then relentlessly focus on just that.

When building products, this is an absolute must. You can’t build everything. Assume you’ll never get through it all. Ask yourself, what’s the most critical piece. Build that. Repeat.

I’m a big fan of Peter Bregman and this article is one of many reasons why.

Why Conversion Optimization Strategy Trumps Tactics Every Time

I wish I wrote this article. It’s well-written. It’s clear. And it’s absolutely critical. If you do any A/B testing at all, go read it. And same for this next one.

How Not To Run an A/B Test
Evan Miller

Math is hard. That’s not just a great Simpsons quote. It’s also true. As they say, statistics lie. And what good is testing if you don’t know what you can believe and not believe. This article does a great job of explaining a really common statistical mistake.

6 Things You Need to Pivot
Ben Yoskowitz on Instigator Blog

Ben does a great job outlining how to think about a product pivot. Yes, it’s the most over-used word in the startup world. But Ben has good things to say, and so few people seem to have a grasp on how to evaluate if something is working or not. It’s well-worth your time.

Be Vulnerable
Brad Feld on Feld Thoughts

Don’t be a hero. Building products and starting companies is hard. Build a support network and use it.

That’s it. Have a great weekend!

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    Perfect timing! I set aside time this morning to plan my week; am going to try the 6 Box approach. Thanks for sharing this idea. Will let you know how it works for me.

    Have a great week, Teresa.

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