Product Managers Don’t Own the Problem (And Designers Don’t Own the Solution)

Two-way feedback loops between defining the problem and generating solutions.

Imagine a product team discussing new commenting functionality on their company blog. “We should let people comment anonymously.” “That will only attract trolls. We should require real names.” “We should require unique names, but allow pseudonyms.” You won’t find a shortage of debate on this topic across the Internet. But there is no right answer. […]

Take a Team Approach to Product Delivery

Jim, like many product mangers, spends most of his day with his engineering team. He clarifies requirements, triages bugs, and seeks out hidden dependencies. Sally, on the other hand, spends most of her time with customers. She’s understanding their context, uncovering pain points, and identifying opportunities to delight. What’s the difference between Jim and Sally? […]

Your Title Doesn’t Matter

If you’ve been reading Product Talk for long, you’ve probably noticed that I sometimes blur the lines between product management and user experience design. I started out as an interaction designer back in 1999. Back then we were arguing about the differences between interaction design, user interface design, and information architecture. Today we argue about […]