How to Develop Product Expertise

How do you evaluate how someone will contribute to a product team? How do you develop your own skills to ensure that you are contributing the most to your product team? Whether you are looking to hire someone or you are looking to improve your own skills, I see people make the same mistakes over […]

The Challenges of Releasing Early and Often

Have you ever rolled out a major product change while one of your sales reps was demo’ing your product to a prospect? I have. It wasn’t pretty. It wasn’t a small change. It was a new home page, completely new positioning, new branding. A whole new identity. It was a Tuesday morning, late in April […]

Drop Feature-Based Product Roadmaps

When I work on a product, I think about it all day long. I obsess over it. I love exploring the long view. What will this product look like next year? Five years from now? Ten years from now? I love the challenge of identifying the very next step on that path. What should the […]